Treadmill Buying Guide India

Treadmill in present times are becoming more and more preferable, not only they save your time but also gives you a comfort and eventually burning the fat, keeping you fit and healthy. Especially in a country like India, where people find it hard to get a perfect track for running. We all know how densely populated our country is which results in more pollution, fewer parts and running tracks or if you even find the spot for you, you will find yourself running among so many people which is good for a few days, but eventually you won’t find that a good experience.

The only two foremost reasons keep us motivated which are a fit body and losing the fat sensibly. You might have heard about numerous diets and recipe or say home remedy which claims providing you a fit body and reducing fat. But the saying is true.

You can not get a fit body by going through all your simple day-to-day tasks and diets just like you can not climb a ladder without putting your hands in your pocket.

That’s where the treadmills rescue us which, although it takes some investment but eventually pay the wealth by giving you a fit body.

In our guide we have briefed down all the critical points which will help you to choose and get a perfect treadmill for your home use.

We have split this guide in two parts, first is like a foundation part and latter we dug into the core strengths and specifications of each treadmill which you can find in India.

How To Choose A Perfect Treadmill In India?

Part One: Know The Basics

By saying the basics, we want to make you aware about the functioning and the different type of options available in front of us. As getting a treadmill is not like getting the daily use essentials, instead it will be a companion in the long run for you and throughout the journey of your fit body, you will, might face variations with your weight and size which affects directly and indirectly and can end up giving not so good experience.

1: Selecting the treadmill size and suitable space at your home.

First you need to visualize the space available at your home where the treadmill can fit perfectly and leaving a room for relaxing and walking around the treadmill before jumping into a running spree.

After that, you have two available options the foldable treadmill and the commercial non-foldable treadmill. In India where the normal average height is around and below 6 feet so the dimensions are easy to choose.

Mainly only two dimensions needs to be taken care of while choosing the treadmill.

First the belt width, The width of the belt which is ideal for walkers as well as runners is 20 Inch.

Secondly the length of the belt, Here the runners need a few inches of extra track length compared to the normal walkers, so the ideal size of the belt length will be 50 Inches for walkers and 55 Inches for the runners, also keep in mind if your height is 6 feet and above then you should go with the 60 Inch of track belt.

So these are the standard sizes of treadmills which are available in India, now coming on the second part of our buying guide.

2: Workout Type

In this section, you have to filter out the remaining available options in front of you, as there are different types of options available in India with respect to each workout type.

Here you need to choose the one which will not only fit the dimensions but also be suitable for your weight and workout type, such as the normal walking or the running as well as intense HIIT running.

3. Choosing The Best Budget Treadmill

Cheap and Budget treadmills:

  • Under 10,000 Rs

This is the starting price of treadmills in India, although due to price challenge, you won’t be able to find the intense running treadmills in this range but for a beginner and a person having weight around or below 60 Kg, you will get perfect suited treadmill in this price range.

As these are the most affordable treadmills for Indians, but they are not meant for everyday workout and can only go a long way if you use them occasionally or with a specific time limit.

  • Under 15,000 Rs

Unlike the 10k treadmills, the expectations gets increased by a bit limiting all other factors such as workout intensity and weight limit same. The treadmills under 15k are again ideal for normal walking and light running for the people who are having less weight.

  • Under 20,000 Rs

This is a good budget where you will be able to find good commercial motorized treadmills which can hold up the intense running and weight up to 120 Kg. The best part about these treadmills are that they will be ideal for joggers, walkers and runners. Along with that, the brands provide good maintenance and warranty on the parts. This budget is perfect for mid-range treadmills and unlike the 15k and 10k treadmills, you don’t have to limit your workout on these.

High-End treadmills for intense and heavy use:

  • Under 25,000 Rs

With the price range of 25k, you will have some solid options which will go a long way irrespective of the workout schedule and intensity. On the features end, these are packed with the touchscreen, calorie monitor, spacious tracks and other cool features to keep a complete track of your schedule.

  • Under 30,000 Rs

These treadmills come under the top-rated machines which are perfect where the number of runners are more than 1 and the treadmills need to be used for continues hours, the cutting edge electronics and build quality makes them top end variant which can go a long way through your fitness journey, and you won’t have to worry about the parts and maintenance as the brands will take care of all the nasty work leaving you focussed on core fitness.

  • Under 35,000 Rs

When the family is big and having multiple users with different weight range and age brackets, these treadmills have the different features and are made using all the latest features and cutting edge techs which not only takes less wattage but also gives a personalized experience to all the users in the family.

  • Under 40,000 Rs

With the 40k price range treadmills, you get all the top end features such as inbuilt TV, big touch screens, each of the spatial monitoring features and build quality features such as shock absorptions, emergency motor controllers, very high speed track and a complete premium and high-end luxury look.

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